Born 1995 in Jakobstad, Finland, is a Finnish musician with the electric guitar as his main instrument. He lives in Berlin where he is active on the scene in various bands and projects, playing both in Berlin and other cities around Germany. Besides Germany and Finland, where he is regularly performing, he has also played in Iceland, France, Sweden, Italy and The Netherlands. Some notable festivals he has performed at include the Reykjavik Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival and Pori Jazz Festival, Maerz Musik. He recently graduated from the Jazz Institute Berlin (UdK/Hanns Eisler) where he during his studies recieved lessons from Greg Cohen, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kalle Kalima, Chris Dahlgren, Jim Black, John Hollenbeck, Marc Muellbauer, and more. In the last five years he has had the opportunity to play and perform with some of his favourite musicians including Morgan Ågren, Jim Black, Pat Mastelotto, Greg Cohen, and many more.