Alexey Kochetkov (Violin)

Russian-born bandleader, was trained at the Smolensk Music College. By 17 he was already travelling with a Russian Country band called “The Country Bandists”, who came second in the “European World of Bluegrass Festival” in 2003. Leaving the Russian winter behind Alexey lived and played for a decade in Israel where he stydied at the prestigious Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance crafting Klezmer and Arabic melodies into his own modern styling. It was here he was given the nickname ‘Aletchko’. As he says himself, it reflects his musical personality as a mixture of east and west. In 2010 Alexey formed his first “La Basta” band and after touring all over Israel and Europe decided to settle in Berlin in 2013. He took his nickname Aletchko and formed a band under it, as he believes it embodies the inter-cultural fusion, which he brings through his music.