Ehsan Sadigh

1980, Iran. An accomplished Montreal-based artist specializing in guitar and composition, Ehsan Sadigh is a well-established composer, renowned for his contributions to film scores and ensemble performances. With numerous accolades for his musical scores both in Iran and abroad, Ehsan is the founder and leader of the Quartet Diminished, a contemporary jazz band with three albums published by Hermes Records. Collaborating with esteemed musicians like Colin Bass, Tony Levin, and Markus Reuter, their upcoming album, set for release by MoonJune Records in 2024, attests to Ehsan’s continuous commitment to musical excellence. As an individual composer and performer, he has collaborated on various albums, including “AX” published by Discordian Records, where he worked alongside Vasco Trilla, a Spanish drummer, and the Barcelona-based saxophonist Liba Villavecchia.