Niki Yaghmaee

Niki, an Iranian multi-instrumentalist, started his musical journey in 2007, specializing in violin and viola. Graduating with a degree in performing viola from UASTF11 Music, he’s showcased his fusion/experimental talents on the plugged violin at live events across Iran, Turkey, and Europe. Niki’s repertoire spans solo performances, orchestral contributions, and collaborations with ensembles. Following the release of a fusion album with “Talangor Band,” he transitioned to producing alternative hip-hop beats featuring the violin. This shift marked a pivotal moment, reflecting his eagerness to explore diverse genres and techniques. Additionally, Niki founded “Duos Duet,” a violin-cello duo, where he assumes roles as a musician, producer, and director. In Autumn 2023, he joined the Rondo Projects as the first collaborators in Berlin for the Mosaic Jazz Festival and in their upcoming project in spring 2024, Edition Berlin No. 2 he collaborates with them once again.