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 As a Berliner, Sidney Werner felt very lucky to have grown up in the city and to have started palying music here. “The scene attracts so many outstanding musicians that you can go and hear every single night. And the most special thing is: that goes for any kind of music from classical, jazz, electronic to purely improvised music.I feel that anything I want to learn or explore is always at my doorstep”. Currently studying at the Jazz-Institute-Berlin with Prof.Greg Cohen. He is a very active musician playing in diverse musical projects/settings and is interested in any music that is honest, from the heart and for the people. Same applies for his approach to playing, it’s emotional and melodic, he tells his personal stories through the strings, it becomes his language to speak out his soul.  He plays with the Omniversal Earkestra, the Far East Trio and has had the honour to perform with musicians he greatly admires such as Gunter Hampel among others.His playing is strongly influenced by the great Bass players of the Swing era.